How to Overcome Toxic Shame with Peter A. Levine, PhD

How to Overcome Toxic Shame with Peter A. Levine, PhD

Is shame getting in the way of your healing?

Dr. Levine, the esteemed father of body-based trauma work and developer of Somatic Experiencing®, reveals how to acknowledge unspoken factors that led to feelings of shame and humiliation, and reframe negative beliefs so you can get back to being your best self.

“It is my deepest desire that this healing journey will help free you from the torment of pain and unnecessary suffering. I hope you choose to join me in this experiential learning opportunity that will help bring you back to your inner self—and finally achieve freedom from pain.” —Peter A. Levine, PhD

Dr. Levine is the developer of Somatic Experiencing®, a naturalistic and neurobiological approach to healing trauma and resolving stress. He holds doctorates in both biophysics and psychology. He is the founder and president of the Ergos Institute of Somatic Education and the founder and advisor for Somatic Experiencing International.

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